SMA Open Club Malanquin Tennis Tournament

SMA Open Club Malanquin Tennis Tournament

On Sunday, September 9, the 5th edition of our “SMA Open Patriotic Festivals” tournament ended, where more than 150 matches were played in order to reach the big finals. Three consecutive weekends full of national and international tennis talent watching excellent players.

In the final ceremony, personalities of the state government, municipal authorities and the sports environment of the town and the region were invited. They offered messages promoting the event, inviting the finalists to give their best effort and encouraging the audience to cheer for  their favorites.

We take this opportunity to congratulate our local players who participated in the different categories, providing excellent performance on the field.

CARLOS PALENCIA from Veracruz was the champion of the 2018 edition of the SMA OPEN Tennis Tournament in the professional AMTP category. Extraordinary quality and example of competence.
For his staff, facilities and hospitality, again our Club Malanquin, showed to be a great host. Congratulations!

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