Restaurant-Bar- Birdie

Restaurant-Bar- Birdie

An extension to the concession contract for the club restaurant-bar has been signed. Eduardo Muñoz, the Restaurant’s concessionaire, will continue to provide service to members and visitors. We are preparing some changes in the food and beverage service for the comfort and satisfaction of the users of these services. We will be informing you about them, as well as the implementation of the new menu.

For now, we have a more extensive variety of drinks and sodas as well as a better variety of snacks. We will gradually improve these services and now with the implementation of the new cart-bar we expect a more comfortable and pleasant service.

We are going to help everyone improve this important area of ​​our club by updating us with accounts payable by the restaurant-bar. The concessionaire will continue to strive to maintain and improve buffets on Saturdays and Sundays, offer an adequate inventory of beverages and food, as well as improve service attention.

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